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Here you can find some sewing tutorials. More will come...

Viking underdress- Serkr

In rich graves we can see that the first layer, closest to the body was a linen layer that is thought to be a shift. There is no hole shift that has survived, only fragments, but the common interpretation is that it could probably be the same simple pattern with blocks and gores that was used also in the medieval period and all the way to the 1800s. Intact woolen dresses and tunics from the end of viking age and early medieval that has been found are made with this type of pattern.

You can find the sewing patern used in the video here.

For linen we recomen 185g-280g linen.

Viking wool dress

A simple wool dress for vikinga age working class. Can be used both in the summer and also in the winter with more layers.

Viking wool dress- part 2

Custum stays pattern

For some it can work to use the old arc method, but for wider hips this technique can be more usefull. More points are aded to make it more custom to your measurements.