Welcome to The Historical Fabric Store - your one-stop destination for all your historical costume needs! Situated in a beatiful valley in the Swedish countryside, we are a women-owned establishment that takes immense pride in providing high-quality fabrics for historical costumes.

At the HFS we understand the importance of historical accuracy when it comes to recreating costumes from different eras. Our passion for history and love for textiles led us to create a store that catered specifically to this niche market, where customers can find fabrics that evoke the elegance and charm of bygone eras.


We take immense pride in sourcing the right fabrics for different periods. A lot of time and effort is put in to the reasearch, so you wont have to!

så att du ska slippa göra detsamma!


One of the key aspects that sets the Historical Fabric Store apart is our commitment to offering an extensive range of fabrics. We carefully curate our collection, sourcing fabrics that are historically accurate and of high quality. From the elegant silks of the Renaissance period to the rich brocades of the Victorian era, we strive to provide options that allow our customers to tell the story of the past through their costumes.

In addition to our wide selection of fabrics, we also pride ourselves on our personalized customer service. As a small women-owned store, we understand the importance of individual attention and ensuring that each customer feels valued. Our knowledgeable staff members are always ready to offer guidance and assistance, whether it's helping with fabric selection, offering historical insights, or discussing design possibilities.

While we cater to the needs of historical costume enthusiasts, our store also welcomes those with a curiosity for modern clothing making in natural materials. We are passionate about wool as a material and its place in the climate debate, so we engage in various projects around the subject.

Visit The Historical Fabric Store today and indulge in the timeless art of historical costume creation. Let us provide you with the means to bring history to life, one stitch at a time.



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Vi säljer även på historiska marknader på sommrarna, hoppas vi ses där!

/Mvh Elna

Elna Österhof
CEO and founder

Administration, design, mönstertillverkare och sömmerska.

Susanne Ritt
Order manager

Orderansvarig och kundsupport.